Poetic Musings

The Metaphysical Theater
Today the pigeons sang me a symphony that carried me away, it belittled humanity’s greatest musical, achievements, making all human music seem lesser somehow… it made our greatest compositions into the feeble little plastic music boxes, melodies of monkey’s that we are. We attempt music and makes noises, the pigeons make music and write symphony’s fit for Kings and God. Gods dare listen to these cooing creatures that delight sought out itself to find… The pigeons have have infinitely more talent and musical mastery than our greatest composers and musicians ever dreamt of having. Humans are unknowingly the idiots of all creation. But that epiphany comes as no surprise. In our understanding we become blind. Every other life-formation on this planet endures us, as they know if we can just evolve as they have, our troubles will finally be over. I salute their endless patient sympathy for us. They endure our feeble intellect. And our wrongly used emotion…The pigeons made music I cannot even now remember, it was far beyond my feeble comprehension in its vast orgasmic explosion of greatness…as the experience it self was like dying…then daily to die to that self I thought I was and believed myself until I am …I think, a sense of floating away into the air… and the sudden realization that if I kept going …indeed they would find my body on the roof of that building.

My own awareness transferred to world just like this one, where I would continue in the same weaknesses and strengthens… I live within now in this world.

Perhaps it matters not these words but I continue just the same. To be being as God is in that subjective way until known as my expirence is a goal attained I ponder without cessastion … without effort…Perhaps all the greatest minds whom have been elected or appointed cannot see something so simple their great power of perception and interpetation have rendered them feeble in my sight. I do not reject any of these as the presence of them confirms… Floating away I surely will abandon that decaying form of flesh. Though my eternal awareness I am and always was, will be and solidly now I am
But alas my bodies fear of “death” hitting me like lightning. slammed my awareness back into my body like a pro wrestler, like a champion MMA fighter whom grabbed and threw me, into myself…

I was rudely tossed back into this little confining, straight-jacket form. My poor brother donkey who I have so poorly treated and loved… Some deep fear that does not leave the body for seeming present keeps it from this untimely demise.
But sweet memory of that music of the cooing pigeons, will certainly remain with me until gone.
Until let loose as all other experience here has been. These delusions of becoming enlightened are a more pleasant dream to be sure, but still a dream.

What could be said then that has not already been acted out upon the metaphysical theaters stage?… proved by use in action, Gods one true law that had not missed my notice of its subtle voice still, quiet and small within myself subdued under these many frequencies of thought in the multiplicity of earth bound illusion, spinning perfectly free. Spinning yarns of golden thread to be used in a greater woven saga the joining of Elohim, beyond earthly garments my -metaphysical-physical union is not to be explained in the mathmatical measurements of the so called quantum field. But thoughts expressed on digital pages of this mediums turning, must imply some physical input at some point along the way even if it is just my single tapping index finger upon the virtual keyboard. So in that quantum field the finger tapped out elusive magic for the self alone and hidden in my subjective view … my encrypted communications to myself are of that awakening God within myself … grappling with the reflection of my face in the mirrior, and not forgetting what manner of man I am… I am the fool of the world who cannot be seen by the travel hub masses or these endless throngs of searching Gods in embryo… who we are here being now… being as God is now, transcending the temptation to grieve for his torment of the cross he is hung upside down upon. That cross is me, Jesus Christ my own human imagination crucified upon me, my own human being, here now as I am.

And my freedom from man-made intelligence, which indeed is its antithesis revealing all the pompus mountains of trash the worldly wise command. Man-kinds achievement is death and speaks itself wise alone. It is sheer stupidity and not anything it claims to be… his artificially overvalued superiority has evaporated in this dream here now. As I have imagined… I cannot be fooled any longer. A total freedom from the shackles of understanding. In no understanding, the trap that vanity springs on us all. Indeed all the flaws I see in this world are my own. Indeed I have no understanding of this world which is myself, everything in this world, everyone in this world is myself pushed out. I dont understand it I just see it without doubt, I am acutely aware that God is stirring into awakening within my skull, where once he was crucified upon that place of Golgatha. All the occurrences, situations, circumstance is a divine message to myself that I alone begin to understand, and interpret for my own benefit. And though I see the world radically change, perhaps it changes for myself alone. The divine message I am beginning to understand, the world of Ceaser is fading away from my understanding. So I am an utter fool. I have no worldly wisdom, I cannot be clever any-longer… any longer… I cannot be God is dreaming he is me, as I dream I am God. Eternal. The judgments of mortal transient sleeping minds, need not concern the emerging greatness. I need not heed the laughter of decay and ignorance. I need not be deceived any longer. I need not use condemnation to remain asleep, afraid of the light these eyes have not yet seen. I have lashed out too long to keep myself asleep-and keep myself from taking responsibility, like a petulant child. A light I fear will burn me up, it does! The light of the face of God wholly burning me into nothing. No longer hidden in the cleft of the rock. There is no greater gift or fate or Destiny a humanities wholeness can suffer… That light cannot be avoided… The call of God cannot be denied by the ears whom hear and eyes whom see. The heart feels pulled, drawn …compelled I must Go. The light shoots through. A traveling being that has no mortal spot, freedom is my breath and grace is my footing. Our entire psychological projection disseminated by textual code to my own spirit. John Metaphysical Tvrz Theater #themetaphysicaltheater ⊗