Metaphysical Prosody

Alien Fetus

The Metaphysical Theater 🌋

You say to me its moral for you to be poor and me to be rich. Or if our opposite shoes appear on each others feet is it then still moral?… But in that truth we in polar opposote forms on earth who reside one along each other… as all in the incarnate world has its “opposition”… a single brazenly impudent awareness declaring his own self the absolute authority…That you are “in charge” of the “real world” …and you know right from wrong…and if that is literally true, you then should be arrested, tried, sentenced and executed, for the good of humanity.

If you are in charge of the world right now… you are guilty right?…

So I ask you what is, that should be? What is…. that is …that is correct?

In this issue of what is and what “should be”.

What is wins above should, every time.

I mean you yourself or was it I? Whom have defined our own past criminal activity on many occasions from the genocide of native Americans to the willful murders of people because of their belief or even just the color of skin… and if you feel certain I cannot provide specific evidence of your ancestors crimes, please feel free to challenge me with your exact birth names, your exact birthdates, and that of your Mothers and Fathers… as well …so that not only can I provide you with your tangible evidence of your specific family’s crimes … I can also sell your information to the highest bidders as your so called “betters” do now… The corporate explosion of “lawless-ness”… is so jokingly predictable so obviously built in.. as a glaring weakness …that my amusement is rather fulfilled in this new corporatism of bad human behavior… my often laughing at the brazenly corrupt, trying so hard to appear moral and ethical… its hilarious that they believe they are fooling anyone… they do not seem to realize by their own strange compulsions they do not understand… they are forced to do the will of God but are ignorant to it… these ignorant majorities are the masses in their daily throws of the nightmare of separation from God. They know certainly what is real and what is not and they die in that darkness as though they were never born… God has no sympathy for phantom shadows… and I assure you now as the words you repeatedly speak have revealed you to me again and again… I can say that you will die in your sin… the very thing you repeatedly accuse your neighbor of, which in your case is the rejection of the “prophet of God” by me… I have said nothing either way … but you apprently have done all my thinking and decision making for me… based on your own superficial decisions of sight you say are endowed with some elusive “God power” you apparently seem to have but can’t really use… so in any event… when my focus does not please me, which in that pleasing I am served, and multiplied … I change my focus and my attention … to these things that do serve me… I long have endured the repeated abuses, to a point that I must decide now to choose peace over being right… stillness over being the one with all the money… and as I realize that I do not need money or even the consideration of it… I am free by the realization that money is only an effect in world full of effects, and further much less important than once believed… and that’s the thing you see… once you have too much money, you realize how really unimportant it is… but them whom are the majority… scratching around in ignorance until starved to death… seem to all believe that too much money will save them… indeed the cruelty of this world is legendary throughout the multi-verses… our sheer indifference toward one another on earth is halarious!… and we are the most cruel species in this local series of universes…

you have the most insincere people on earth …in their bi-polar opposite acting roles, in comparison to their own real life personality… on t.v. just being as insincere as they can be… and this fraudulent vibe permeates the entire modern business culture… the social culture… the entire culture of modern humanity infected with insincere chains of false authenticity, the fake illusion of all “success” is all these poor marionette’s have to be celebrating and at the sad party of emptiness every state, county and city clamour to attend… it is madness and must be flush away with yesterday’s meal squeezed out the old anal cavity… yes I regret to report, that the moral collapse does not cause reform… that the moral decay has not brought affluence or success but it has brought the belief that the incarnate is somehow important or real which we find the biggest lie sold to be the “real world”.

Though no words upon a metaphysical theaters stage make a hill of beans of difference in this world of mens hearts searching…

This entire life experience is an illusion of sensual reality… my dream of this world … my vision held rightly within… becomes my obsession, my attention is on me being as God is… that surprisingly is my natural state of awareness of feeling… satisfaction, happiness and knowing I am fulfilled by no one or nothing else, but myself alone.

Made whole in a union of entire understanding.

That is true independance… and if you see some un-lovely thing in some one else.
Then that flaw you see in another is all your own, the cleverly encrypted communication to me from God is always through other peoples communication to me.

Everyone around me is God.

All others are myself pushed out…

I am God.

When “accused” by others of being one thing or another, remember what you see and speak to others, about what you see… says everything about you and nothing about which you “think” you perceive of others.

We really know no one but ourselves.

But this simple truth denotes a greater one. That just as God “created” the world… we choose our feelings and decide how we shall interpret the meaning of “what is” …or the meaning of the incoming entropy of experience… which I have already made by my subconscious, becoming aware of experience by my own and or collective subconscious… non-physical activity both thought, emotion… mixed to be belief… the skipping of my old record must be this transcending sensation… I have clearly felt within myself.

Beyond physical theater,

I had somehow risen weightless up out of the old groove in the record and realized I do not need the entire record player… that the greatest music available to me to perceive, is already within myself …in various formats… that through my mind and speech I have moved myself to be… and believe… being as God is…

Being as God is, is a state of satisfaction without limit.

I am being as God is and I need no permission or praise.

All is psychologically projected out upon the sphere of seeming space.

Projected out upon the quantum field of potential. I am attentive to Jesus Christ within myself, truly alive I am focused upon the one true power of and within myself… of myself and within myself my imagination, steadily certain… has shifted to the wanted effect as this time for me, is this time of the “wanted” manifested.

Man does not make a thing so unless he loves it…if we are the manifesting or revealing power of creation here on earth …and we are seemingly ignorant to the fact.

How then is God born? How then is God being as he is now? How them do I find this God?

As the description has always been awakening… we still stubbornly cling to belief in a “real world” and as we have not yet awakened within ourselves… and know that this life is the shadow realm… and “real life” is the deadly dream of good and evil I walk through as the candle of the Lord.

Chiken Decadence

Guiding the footsteps of God… I am Jesus Christ alive within and shining out as I am the light of the world … this point of awareness is the one true God, and to that truth …and that experience… I know as truth… that is a worthy purpose and known to be my authentic self drawing toward itself …all these points of light that are myself pushed out to salvation… perfection and understanding made whole… of my flaming orbit of shite around my advanced vessel of dimensional travel is an x marks the spot reference in vast multi-verses, of serial universes… re-incarnation certainly happening though not as we currently perceive it …and furthermore …unless connected with an internal discipline… the prior life knowledge is only as helpful as its input allows all information to be let gone of and allowed to be unknown… overcoming what once did seem untenable, indeed I go to climb the mountain …I start at the top… it is imagination that keeps the burning belly fire lit… easy arrival… opulence flow… and commerce must jump… to the rhythm jump… jump to the rhythm… and happy dollars float everywhere into my accounts by the dancing … that vision is known … you can’t touch this or that testimony… God needs no audience but myself and them I choose to enrich by my presence… for focus is true currency, attention and resolution to the current best step, rapidly acted upon in this incarnate dream the metaphysical theater, a textual representation of God being born in man… I am upon my lines to emote with flavor and choreographed gesticulations at timed memorizing intervals… my entrance and spectacular exit is my own …to be and know… though not yet… not yet …to shuffle off the mortal coil… to be this mad mystic, who cannot be explained to be commercially disseminated… to be categorized for promotion and maximum exploitation to maximum return on investment for shareholders, the language of the temporary celebration… for beyond this experience… that true cause that must be rejected by the world… my own human imagination is Jesus Christ alive in me as myself… imagination is where I go to go to seek and find, knock there …it opens easily… our own human imagination is the greatest power man possess, but that power being only over himself… he is so far uninterested in this greatest of our talents given by God.

Our own worst shortcomings always come to being as our greatest outward achievements… our own greatest outward achievements are scrutinized hardest by ourselves before embrace or rejection… our own greatest desires known as experience is what we all need for ourselves and without compromise is there any progress?… yet nothing is too hard for God, that challenge is for the truly faithful …who will know Gods law… live by it …and hear the promise to choose… this educated darkness on earth or eternal light and life…

But to become aware of constant choice or mindfulness is like a deep burning belly fire, that is ever present from bright stoked white heat to low burning massive ember coals to radiate Agape heat.

I add fuel to the process knowing the result.

I am the movement of that greater expansion of this intense immersion into being God…

Being now as God is without waiting…

I want to ramble on but cannot find enough complexity in God to express.

It is in no thought, my greatest thought.

It is in nothing my greatest work is done.

A metaphysical theater of synchronized textual expression on the stage I roam free from the deadly dreams of good and evil below.

But indeed now free I can find no real purpose for my drivel.

A flight not reduced by fancy, nor is my value marginalized by opinion … the worth of any device or method is proved by its use in action… and by its use in action… my imagination by the transfer of the enthusiasm within me… to the receiver here now… a sure attainment of the desires, in heart of hearts, unreachable by mortal man … but Christ within me I follow… and step sure into salvation… because the crucifixion need not endlessly repeat … I am now Jesus Christ arriving on earth… and all these phantoms are moving under my control… to serve my fulfilled desires truth in this incarnate dream… in this illusion I can afford all the temporary celebrations that warm mens hearts by excess alone… and I know these golden coins of thought are not the cause but another effect in a world of effects with only one cause, that I am.

Sustainable is the realization that your body and all this world is a transient experience… Our own lives begin and end in the flesh, to realize freedom from the corruptible is no sorrow or torment, we are briefly here to remember our awesome true self …as the omnipotent bearded white man in the clouds.

Being as God is, I am defining what that feels like by knowning that it is my current feeling… being as God is feels just as I do now.

And my own idea of what should be again must be abandoned.

In the empty space where my preconceived notion was is the real spirit of Christ alive in me… being now fully aware and in control of omnipotence… relief has no bottom to its depth now.

I am in a state of gratitude that only complete wholeness and absence of desire brings…

That is now how I am being as God is and now God, without second cause.

The Metaphysical Theater John Tvrz 🏁